Hygenex 360 Electrostatic Spraying

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Our Hygenex 360 electrostatic spraying technology ensures a thorough, even distribution of germ-killing power throughout the entire restroom, in even the hardest to reach areas. You can be confident that your restrooms don’t just look and smell clean and sanitized – they ARE clean and sanitized.

Hygenex Water Gun Hygenex Cleaning Tool

Protect you Customers and Employees

Hygenex 360’s potent sanitizing solution is viricidal, germicidal, and fungicidal

Penetrates Every Crack and Crevice

We apply a germicide solution to take care of potentially harmful pathogens.

Protection and Peace of Mind

Your employees and customers can enjoy the comfort of having a safe, clean-smelling, sanitized restroom environment. Which let’s face it – Is what everybody wants.

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