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We already have a hygiene services/in-house janitorial employee clean our facility. Why should we use Hygenex?

Great question. Almost all of the companies we serve have either a janitorial or in-house person or crew who clean the facility. Typically, even the best only do a surface-level cleaning of the porcelain fixtures and floors. The vast majority of germs and bacteria that cause odor and an unhealthy restroom environment are in the areas that janitorial staff simply don’t clean – under the rims of toilets and urinals, inside the flush holes, under sinks, and inside the grout lines and along the baseboards.

Janitorial services and in-house employees often don’t have the time, chemicals, tools, or the “will” to go where we go and clean where we clean. Weekly, we do the heavy lifting to detail these areas, removing the bacterial infestation that causes health and perception problems. Then we sanitize with our proprietary germicide treatment. Our hygiene services actually help your current cleaning person by allowing them to safely do a cosmetic wipe-down between our weekly visits so you can focus their man-hours elsewhere.

Your hygiene services sound expensive. How much does it cost?

It is almost always significantly less than people think for the scope of work we do. A member of the Hygenex sales team will spend a short amount of time conducting a survey of your restrooms in order to calculate the amount. Our goal is to create great value for you.

How much does the soap cost?

Luxury Foaming Hand soap is included with our weekly washroom services. This creates a great value and alleviates a hassle, so let us take care of it.

Why should I use paper products from Hygenex?

With Hygenex, we are more than just a paper delivery program, we are a fully comprehensive paper product inventory system. That means no more ordering, tracking orders, receiving orders, or storing large quantities of paper product.

We deliver just the right amount every single week and maintain the inventory for you. We also provide the dispensers, install them, and replace them as needed. That means with our paper hygiene services, your restrooms are always properly stocked and outfitted with uniform, professional dispensers that we maintain weekly.

Do you have a service for our floors?

Yes! Periodically we can bring in a multi-use industrial machine that power washes floors and baseboards, blows out the vents, scrubs, and then vacuums the soiled water back into the machine before removing it from the facility. Standard mopping can spread bacteria infested water around a floor. Then the mop goes back into the dirty mop bucket, and this may be a daily occurrence. We do things differently. Once a month Hygenex can “reset” the entire restroom with an extreme, deep cleaning.

Are your route technicians covered by insurance?

Some of our competitors outsource their labor to independent contractors, which means the legal burden falls on the customer in the event there is a problem. Not so with Hygenex. Our Hygiene Service Technicians are our employees, and they are fully insured by us.

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