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In a day and age where we as a society have become accustomed to mediocre service, for us at Hygenex, even a “satisfied customer” is simply not good enough. We strive every day to create customers that are “Raving Fans” of our company.

Quality Assurance

  • Internal Quality Assurance Program 100%
  • Hygiene Team Member Accountability Program 100%
  • Hygiene Team Member Training Certification Program 100%
  • Raving Fan Customer Service Program 100%

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Customer Reviews and Testimonials

- Nicole, Owner - Early Learning Academy

"I was extremely busy earlier so I was unable to say how much I appreciate your help and especially pointing out those hygienic issues in our Preschool. Those children mean the world to me and I only want the best for them. I had no idea it was that bad. Sad to say, I thought some of the things I would see was just "normal" things that just happen over time with excessive repeated use. Now I see how wrong I was and I feel that your Company is a God send. Thank you! And we look forward to working with you. "

- Scott, TechmerPM

"I just wanted to let you know that it is very nice to be able to walk into a fresh, clean smelling restroom now. It is a significant difference between the quality of service we were getting before. Thank you very much! Very happy we switched to Hygenex."

- Wilfred Poiez, Van Dyk Recycling Solutions

"The first visit of your representative to our workshop was a welcome change to our sanitary experience. Like ourselves, I like to assume that many of your clientele initially undervalues the importance of your service so I thought to write you a little thank you note. All our bathrooms that we thought were due for a complete remodel, now smell and look really pleasant and clean. I noticed your new dispensers, our sinks, urinals and toilets look better than new, and these little things have definitely improved our work environment. Plus the restrooms used to have an odor and now thye smell great! The monthly cost for your service is definitely a much better ROI than a remodel. Thank you and keep up the good work."

- Carol A. Conlin, Fresenius Medical Care

"We began using your "Hygenex" service in June 2012 to deep clean and sanitize not only our public restrooms but our employees' restrooms as well. We continue to be very pleased with the terrific job that your company does to maintain the high standard we require for our business. Your Hygiene Service Technicians are professional, courteous, and are obviously proud of their work. Many of our customers have remarked on the cleanliness and fresh smell of the restrooms."

- John Cordova, Vice President - Sprouts Farmers Market

"We have been benefiting from the Hygenex Restroom Hygiene service for over a year. Your Hygiene Technician has been professional, punctual, and really does a great job. Our Restroom maintenance and paper costs have been dramatically reduced with a higher level of customer service, and most important, our customers love our clean, fresh smelling, sanitized restrooms."